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4 Tips to Healthy Eating During Lockdown

Drastic changes in our lives have kept us locked down at home. Struck by boredom, all you can do is follow a protocol that will keep you safe and mentally healthy throughout these uncertain times.

We know how idleness gears us towards eating treats and munching on unhealthy food. As restrictions have tightened, it’s important to make sure to be healthy physically & psychologically.

#1 Eat Home-Cooked Meals

You may be working from home and still do not have time to prepare home-cooked meals. At home but you do not have the time and the ingredients? It is important to limit your fat intake  & consume enough fibre while keeping yourself hydrated for optimal health. Processed and fried foods are just within your reach but they are very unhealthy. You need to ensure an adequate fibre intake. Consume vegetables, fruits, and wholegrain foods in your meals.

#2 Limit highly processed foods

As you need to keep your body healthy amidst this pandemic. It is important to limit the intake of processed foods. If you can’t prepare dishes with the freshest ingredients having access to a restaurant is an option. Having access to those restaurants preparing & serving healthy meals is the better option. A healthy diet means having ‘green’ leafy vegetables present in your meal.

#3 Enjoy family Meals & Have Fun

Increased time at home during this lockdown presents new opportunities to eat with the whole family. It’s a great way to bond with your loved ones. It creates a healthy routine while strengthening family bonds and having fun. Involve your children in setting the table while waiting for your delicious and tasty meals. These stressful restrictions during lockdown create much anxiety for both children and adults. Being together and eating with them while chatting is a great way to just chill out and relax.

#4 Take advantage of food takeaway options

Home-cooked meals are an option during this lockdown but if you’re busy working from home, then you need to have someone do the cooking for you. Advanced delivery systems for home-cooked meals are all over the place. There are  “contact-less” options to make sure that no human interaction is required. This is in support of self-quarantine and isolation measures. Lemoni and all its branches ( The Bull at Barkham, Jekyll & Hyde as well as in Reading) follows strict food hygiene requirements to keep all customers safe from the Coronavirus.

The Takeaway

A lot can be done in this lockdown and you can start off with self-care. And as many families are spending more time at home it provides a chance to share delicious meals together. Family meals being consumed and enjoyed together strengthens not only the body but relationships as well.

Being safe and healthy during these restrictions is not a problem as many restaurants like Lemoni offer takeaway services. Discover healthy and delicious dishes on our online menu. Fresh, home-cooked meals are challenging to prepare but our Chefs are here to prepare delicious British Classics, authentic Thai dishes & healthy Greek cuisine.

Look no further, Lemoni is a reliable restaurant with great Chefs. We will prepare & cook tasty & healthy meals for you and your family all throughout this lockdown!

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